A Little, Important Lesson

My children, there are three types of people in this world: the cruel, the weak, and the righteous.

The cruel are like animals, they see only themselves and are capable of anything. Stand up to them.

The weak are like animals; they are easily frightened by the cruel, and are easily vanquished by them. The weak will also usually follow the cruel into cruelty, or look away when the cruel do horrible things. Don’t put your faith in the weak.

The righteous are like angels; they will face the cruel because that is what they were created for.



Picking Up Where We Left Off

It’s a new beginning. A year since I last wrote you, Yoni. And now there’s another audience member here: Abigail, your sister.

So from now on when I write it will be for the both of you, unless I say so otherwise and address you specifically by name.

A quick update: Abigail you were born; we moved to London. You won’t remember any of this. But that’s the point of this blog.

Yoni, let’s review a few things. We’ll start from the end and work back to the beginning.

We’re at a holiday apartment in Tel Aviv. You took the vacuum cleaner tube and started scratching the clean white walls.

I moved you to the couch and you slunk back to the wall behind my back [but I was watching you with the eyes I have at the back of my head]. [Your Mother also has those].

You did it again. But I was kind and didn’t destroy you. I know you’re just looking to engage me. But we’ll have more of this as time goes on.

We got here by plane. Then we went to the sea. You’re a wuss.

Abigail, your sister, is not such a wuss. She took to the sand and sea like it’s where she came from [humans may have come from the sea, or from outer space; not really sure but we may have also come from monkeys].

Abigail you are fearless. Yoni you are learning about fear. We’ve spoken about fear before.

The thing to keep in mind is that we are born without fear, but with the ability to learn fear. But most of us stop learning about fear at some point, and so we forget that fear is something we must learn about, and fear forgets that we are its master.

Fear becomes something that controls us, and not something we learn to control. This reminds me of a smart saying:

The mind can be a wonderful servant, but a terrible master.

A famous rabbi poet once said that to face your fear you need to summon it. Think about that: you are the master who summons your fear.