Food, glorious food

We’ve just started giving you solid food – real food, not the baby powder and breast milk you’ve been eating all this time. So far you’ve had pulped carrot and some porridge. Both of these are natural things.

Now food can be great, and it can also be dangerous and complicated. But if you follow these simple rules, you should be able to cut through all the confusion and eat healthy. Remember what the ancient Greeks said: A healthy body in a healthy mind, and I always add, the other way round too.

What’s more, you don’t have the best genes when it comes to cholesterol, blood sugar, and central [abdominal] fat – at least on your father’s side of the family. So food is doubly important for you.

Think of food and eating as one of the most important things you do in your life. Don’t make it an afterthought, but keep it in the front of your mind at all times.

Food is basically minerals – once you eat it, ingest it, it breaks down into minerals, first in your mouth, and then in your stomach. Natural food is made up of minerals – from the earth and the sea. Processed [man-made] food is made up of chemicals in factories. Choose natural foods as much as you can. They are from the earth and sea, like you are.

Don’t eat and drink at the same time, it confuses the enzymes in your stomach that break down the food into chemicals and this can cause indigestion and gas [you already are a little master of gas].

Wherever you can, eat whole, natural foods. Eat something as close as possible to its natural state; that means, what it looks like when it came from the ground or the sea, or the trees. If you’re going to eat a potato [they’re not that good for you by the way] then eat it grilled, boiled, or mashed [never fried]. That way you can see how the potato was cooked and it’s not that far off from its original state. If you eat a microwaved dinner that has potato in it, you are going far away from the potatoes original state, and that’s bad.

In general, eat natural things, not things that have been processes, or man made. Keep away from sugars, especially soft drinks – they’ll make you fat and play havoc with your blood sugar.

Here’s a picture of you and me eating salad and hummus – great natural food.


Eat a big breakfast [it is the most important meal of the day], a smaller lunch, and a smaller dinner still. There is a famous saying that you should live by when it comes to food: in the morning eat like a King, in the afternoon like a prince, and in the evening like a pauper. Your digestive system is most active and energetic in the morning. It starts slowing down in the afternoon, and by evening time it is tired and shuts down for the night. Anything you eat at night will digest very, very slowly, will not get properly absorbed, and will give you more gas. You might even wake up hungry. Imagine that, after eating a heavy meal late at night the last thing you would expect is to wake up hungry! But that’s precisely what will happen – because the food you ate has not been digested. And not only will you wake up hungry, you’ll wake up tired, because you didn’t really let your digestive system rest properly at night.


Here’s a photo of a good breakfast I had with your great-grandparents Bep and Lou [notice all the different colours]



These are some other simple rules to live by when it comes to food:

Eat slowly – and purposefully. Don’t gulp down your food. Chew your food fully, don’t swallow huge lumps.

But above all: enjoy food. Enjoy preparing it, and enjoy eating it. When you prepare it, find fresh ingredients and take your time making it. Prepare your food with love, and share it with love too.

Eat well and feel great my son.



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