Why so serious?

Yoni, you have a stern look about you sometimes. I wonder what you have to be so serious about?

Don’t we hug you all day? Don’t we eat you up all day? Aren’t you kissed all over your little body?

Then why so serious my son?

You love to laugh; you have a rolling, infectious laugh. It is the sweetest music.

You love to play, and your smile is honest, wide, and even a little shy.

But I can see that you have a serious side. You have my serious face, and Your Mother’s frown.

This is a good thing, when kept in proportion.

By the time you read these lines, and understand them, you may probably have already felt the weight of responsibility, the sensations that come with having to make difficult choices.

You can feel it in your stomach, can’t you?

You want to run away, to make it go away.

When these feelings come, and you feel yourself become stressed, close your eyes for a moment, take a few deep breaths, and relax.

Recognise the cold you feel in the pit of your stomach; this is just fear, and you are its master.

Listen to your instincts. The more difficult choice is almost always the correct one.

And after you do the right thing, you will feel relieved. The slave rose up against its master but you put it back in its place. If you don’t feel relieved, then, son, you didn’t do the right thing, and the coldness in your stomach will stay with you. Better just to do the brave thing and go back to smiling.

You will know what the right thing to do is, and now all that’s left is to find the courage to do it. The consequences are never as important as the decision, my son. Whatever happens next is never as bad as you imagine it.

Follow your instincts and be true to yourself – everyone and everything else be damned. And once you have done what you must, you can also laugh at yourself.

Great people can laugh at themselves. And why not huh?

And remember my boy, you are not alone. I will never be far away.

Yoni I have faith in you. You are made of strong stuff. I can see it in your eyes.



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